About Angela Fisher

Angela was born in Indiana, dropped out of high school in 1989 and escaped her tormented childhood to eventually find numerous successes that once seemed impossible. Her educational pursuit lasted beyond 30 years and includes a laundry list of degrees, diplomas, certificates, and licenses. She is currently a private practice counselor with specialties in crisis, anxiety, sex and relationships. Now the grandmother of 4, mother of 4 and wife of 1; she spends her time helping as many people as she can.

Her current practice prides itself upon being able to offer counseling for no or low cost to leave no one helpless, wherever possible.

“Since I was not allowed achievements as a child, I became an overachiever as an adult. I think my claim to fame, so to speak, was the completion of 36 credit hours in 6 weeks. I believe every day is a gift and treat it as such.

This book was the single largest and most difficult task I have ever undertaken. While it has been wholly therapeutic, it has also forced me to revisit those days so long ago that I had hoped were memories gone forever. In truth, some of the content of the book, I did not remember until my late 30s.

I have always known I would do this but I could not find the motivation until a dear friend, sent me copies of his books. I believe his books were meant to help its readers open their mind to new possibilities and I suppose it worked. (Thank you, Russell!)

If my words can help anyone else find their own words, I have succeeded. I know now that from trauma, comes bravery; and that should be my focus moving forward.”

You may visit her at https://www.psychologytoday.com/profile/165101 or fill out the form below.